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Handmade Paper

Our paper products are made of handmade, sustainably produced paper made by the women of mountain tribes on the border of Thailand. The paper is made of the bark of the saa tree that is peeled off the tree trunk instead of cutting down the whole tree. The bark will grow back in 4-6 months.

Employing the women provides better income to their families and increased welfare of the whole community, as well as higher status for the women involved.
We are part of our environment!

All prices are in NOK and include VAT 25%.

Colour selections

Thick and soft paper, suitable for diverse crafting, from bookbinding to collage-making. Five colours and ten sheets per package, sheet size A4. NOT PRINTABLE.
Price: 89,-/package

Also available in large sheets, size ca. 56 × 80 cm. Minimum order of 10 sheets. Please specify colour in your order, for example: "1 sheet of colour Duottar 1, 2 sheets of Vuovdi 3..."
Price: 70,-/sheet

Duottar - night on the fells

Bárut - seaside blues

Vuovdi - wilderness greens

Gufihtar - otherworldly purples

Márjjábeaivvit - market day reds

Printable handmade paper

printable paper

Slightly thinner than our colourful selection, this paper has a unique texture and fits into most tabletop printers. One colour, ten sheets per package, A4.
Price: 89,-/package

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