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The Nature Collection

pouches, puches, pouches!

Inspired by the need to protect nature and to spare materials, this collection was the first step towards Nature Co. Nature Collection consists of different kind of pouches that are made of recycled and re-dyed fabrics and decorative ribbons cut off of old Sámi dresses.

All pouches have zippers for secure closing. Each pouch is unique because each old dress is different, so the best way to determine a colour of your liking is to take a basic colour and go from there. You probably get the idea from the photo above.

All prices are in NOK and include VAT 25%.

Pouch with an even bottomeven-bottomed pouch

Comes in four sizes:
* S (13 × 10 cm), 220,-
* M (18 × 12 cm), 260,-
* L (20 × 15 cm), 300,-
* XL (24 × 18 cm), 350,-
Ideal for toiletries, small change and other small things.
Colours: bright red, lilac, black.

Round-bottomed pouchround-bottomed pouch

Available in two sizes:
* S (13,5 × 10 cm) 165,-
* L (23 × 14 cm) 230,-
Colours: bright red, lilac, black.

"Teepee" pouchteepee pouch

Comes with a closing hook so it can be attached to the belt, your handbag etc.
Sizes available:
* S (7 × 12 cm), 225,-
* M (9 × 14 cm), 265,-
* L (11 × 17 cm), 320,-
Colours: bright red, lilac, black.

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