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Sámi Duodji

The Sámi handicrafts have developed over centuries of survival in the Arctic from dire need for functional and durable everyday things: clothes, textiles, accessories, tools, dishes... The forms and decorations have been dictated largely by the most readily available materials -- reindeerskin, horn, bone, and sinews. Today Duodji is a respected institution even among the modernised S├ími, and the makers of Duodji are organised in their respective countries.

All through the Sápmi among all the different Sámi tribes there is a strong love for bright colours and rich ornamentation. Nature Co Duodji respects this tradition, adding my own ideas but staying with the traditional models and materials.

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Bags and pouches

Small reindeer leather handbag

leather bag leather bag

Baize and handmade reindeer leather with decorative ribbons, with leather connections for handles. Size ca. 14 × 12 × 4 cm. Handles/shoulder straps can be bought separately, or made by oneself!
Price: 350,-

Traditional leather pouch

leather pouch leather pouch

Small pouch, completely hand-sewn, traditional style. Notice that the exact tone of the leather varies as it is handmade, and each skin is unique. Dimensions ca. 6,5 × 12 × 4 cm. Different-coloured decorations available, ask for your favourite!
Price: 325,-

Bracelets and necklaces

"Lasso string" bracelet

lasso string

Handtwined from handmade reindeer leather. This kind of string was used primarily in making lassoes for reindeer herders, and the string could also be made of tree roots or some other durable, long fibers. Length varies, please measure your wrist girth and we will find a proper size for you!
Price: 125,-

Beaded reindeer leather string bracelet

We have different lengths -- please send us your size when ordering! Available with 3 or 4 mm beads of any colour, see the beads page for full colour chart. And see the necklace below to get a sense of what style the bracelet is made in.
Price: 145,-

Reindeer leather string necklace

reindeer leather string necklace beaded necklace beaded necklace

Length ca. 40-50 cm, with a reindeer horn button fastening. See the beads page for different bead colours (sizes 3 and 4 mm)!
Price: 200,-

Reindeer leather string bracelet with fishbone

fishbone bracelet fishbone bracelet

Please specify your size when ordering.
Price: 180,-

Reindeer leather string necklace with fishbone

fishbone necklace fishbone necklace fishbone necklace

Length ca. 40-50 cm.
Price: 250,-

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