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The Beaivváš Collection

Beaivváš is North Saami for the sun. As a decorative motif the sun stands for wealth, happiness, unity and friendship, and is widely used in Saami arts and crafts, both old and modernised. Our Beaivváš Collection consists of paper products from postcards to diaries, and textiles like handbags, laptop cases and table runners. Wholesale available!

All prices are in NOK and include VAT 25%.


Decorative pillow case


Two sizes: medium (40 × 40 cm) and large (55 × 55) cm.
Colour: white print on black, black print on ochre, black print on purple and black on red.
Prices: M 240,-, L 275,-.

Table runners

table runners

With borders. Width 38 cm.

Lengths: large (200 cm), medium (150 cm), small (100 cm)
Colours: Black print on green with green border, black on red with red border, white on dark blue with black border, black on purple with black border
Prices: L 500,-, M 400,-, S 300,-

Bags and pouches

Mini pouch

table runners

A very simple pouch for loose change and other small things that need a place to live in. Closed with a zipper.
Colours: black on red, white on black, black on ochre, black on green, black on purple, white on dark blue, black on purplish pink, black on lilac.
Price: 60,-


NEWhandbags - NEW!

Securely closed with a zipper. The XL model (on the left) has two pockets inside, one for the cellphone and a zippered one for small odds and ends.
The S model (on the right) has leather handles.

Sizes: Extra-large (48 × 34 × 14 cm), medium (NEW! 30 × 26 × 13 cm) and small (35 × 20 × ~10 cm)
Colours: white on black, black on red, black on purple.
Prices: XL 530,-, M , S 350,-.

Laptop cases

laptop cases

Zippered, lined and padded, with cotton handles and a D-ring for attaching mascots, cell phones, pencil cases etc. (Note: photos are of the regular size, but mini is identical in everything else except size.)

Sizes: regular (up to 15,5") and mini (up to 11").
Colours: white on black, black on red, black on purple
Prices: Regular 398,-, mini 310,-

Paper products



Blank pages, 100% handmade paper! Size L has 25 pages, M 50pgs, S 25pgs.
Sizes: large (25 × 25 cm), medium (17 × 17 cm), small (10 × 10 cm)
Colours: red, blue
Prices: L 198,-, M 176,-, S 58,50

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